This website was over 11 years in the making…

We are story tellers & artists

Long story short, we are story tellers & artists. Our medium of choice is video. Wass Productions, at its core, is a collection of freelancers that have pooled our talents to work in specific projects. And we have talent. We have some regulars that help with most of our projects, but if you need something else, we do the legwork to find the crew to make it happen.

Why is that important? It means we focus on the project at hand, not extraneous stuff. We don’t have a staff that’s “sort of” good at something. We find what you need and get the best person we know to tackle that job. We all work for a variety of other clients as well, bringing experience from covering pro sports to politics to your video. Let’s chat about how we can tell your story.


  • We Shoot.

    We have some of the best camera operators in the region. Michael Novak as our main DP is phenomenal. Our other operators are routinely part of the major events happening in MN and throughout the country. Most of us have won a regional Emmy or two for our video photography work.

  • We Edit.

    We love to edit what we shoot, but we can edit what someone else does as well (this often happens with law firms). We’ve been nominated for a handful of regional Emmy’s for our editing.

  • We Produce.

    Let’s talk about what you need and how we can help you create it.

  • We Crew.

    We’re pretty connected to a talented pool of freelancers. Need a crew? We can help.

  • We Critique.

    Ok, so this is not what you normally see on a website trying to sell your talents, but we think it’s important. We constantly go back and critique our work and tweak our projects. We don’t know many artists that are completely satisfied with their projects. We want you to be thrilled with what we create, but we may keep tweaking anyway. It’s just our nature.

  • We Care.

    We’re not a big company. We don’t have an office or a staff that constantly needs us to churn out projects. Why is that good? Two reasons. One, we get completely invested in our projects. We care about the quality of work we’re doing. We care about our clients. We’re not a factory that is driven by dollars. We care about the art of video. The second reason is our costs are generally a tad lower because we don’t have to fund a full time staff and studio.

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